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Band Bio

Seeing Likehell perform is like being at a party in Hollywood’s underground.  It’s 4 a.m.  The dark and brooding mix with the mischievous and wild.  The beautiful walk among the depressed.  It’s a blur of all things carnal, experimental, glamorous, and psychotic.  Around every corner is another mesmerizing scene, another form of satiation, another potential explosion. 

Formed in 1994 by brothers Nick Eldorado (vocals) and Tony Oliveri (drums), and longtime friends Frank Thorpe (bass) and Matt Bockley (guitar), Likehell is a band that defies categories.  It’s music is a merger of such genres as heavy metal, glam, psychopunk, ‘70’s anthem rock, and even a little bit of burning-through-the-desert-in-a-dusty-cadillac country, with lyrics that are direct and deadpan.

The hard driving backing of Oliveri, Thorpe, and Bockley serves as a catapult for the always theatrical Eldorado, a sexy, cherub-faced madman who is mellow one second, desperate and explosive the next.  The band’s tight knit history and common philosophy that the show is the antecedent to the ‘biz’ combines to form a cool and easy, creative and ferocious stage presence that makes for a raucous and unpredictable live performance.

An underground band at heart, Likehell has nonetheless stepped into the spotlight since its inception, sharing the stage with an impressive array of bands, including Beck, Iggy Pop, Soul Asylum, Motorhead, Queens of the Stone Age, The Cult, and Buckcherry.  Over the years, the band’s hard work, diverse appeal, and reputation for incredible live performances have earned them a loyal following of fans who come from all corners of the music spectrum and will continue to cross genre lines to witness the rock ‘n’ roll spectacle that is Likehell.