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The Filmmakers

Ryan Schaddelee - Director/ Co-writer/Editor

Ryan was born and raised in Michigan, where he honed his artistic ability in an effort to become a special effects make-up technician (much to the dismay of his parents who weren't as inclined to spurting blood and gore...).  After realizing that filmmaking was his true passion, he enrolled in Columbia College where he graduated in 1999 with a degree in Film Directing.  He then moved to Minneapolis and started work as a freelance audio/visual technician, director, and producer.  This is his first feature film.  His recent short films include the horror/comedies "Scream Like A Girl" and "Zombie Chomp".


Ingrid Soderberg - Co-writer / Asst. Director

Born and reared in the Air Force, she landed in Minnesota at the age of 12 and vowed to never ever move again.  She obtained a BA from the U of MN while waiting tables at some 13 different restaurants, as she had trouble with "the man".  In 1996, at one such restaurant, Ingrid, met and befriended screenwriter Pat Proft ("Naked Guns", "Hot Shots!", "Bachelor Party", etc. ) and has worked as his assistant/script editor ever since.  In 1997, she spent 4 months on the Vancouver set of "Wrongfully Accused", Pat's first and only stint as a director.  In the past year, she helped conceive and birth not only "LikeHell - The Movie" but also a baby boy.  Her faceless, pregnant body makes a cameo in the film as "Dissatisfied Orgy Member".


Tony Oliveri - Producer / LikeHell Drummer

Born and raised in Minneapolis, he received a BA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  A drummer since the age of 16, he toured and recorded extensively with the the Cows and the God Bullies, traveling throughout North America and Europe.  In 1994, he formed Likehell with brother, Nick and childhood friends, Matt Bockley and Frank Thorpe; the legend was born.  An established outdoor music festival promoter in Minneapolis, this is Tony's first foray into film production.  As producer, he called upon many of his friends and colleagues in the music industry to cast "Likehell - The Movie".    Visit the Tony Oliveri website at



Charlie Amdahl - Executive Producer

Charlie lives near the south Minneapolis neighborhood where he grew up.  In 1988, he completed a BA in English at St. Olaf College, though he also studied music and theater.  He joined other St. Olaf alums in 1989 as a recording artist in Taiwan and enjoyed modest success with a record release and tour.  Working as a representative with UFO Records in Taipei, he also helped repackage American music releases and market them to the Chinese people.  In late 1990, he returned to Minnesota and by 1994 had completed a law degree, cum laude, from William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul.  Currently in private practice, Charlie sought to return to the arts and a fortuitous encounter with Tony Oliveri lead to his participation in this project.